HeartRescue Partner - Oregon


When it comes to resuscitation of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, Oregon is a complex state given its structure and history. Oregon has over 200 EMS agencies, each with its own operations and medical control plan. And yet Oregon has quickly organized to undertake a statewide effort to measure and improve resuscitation care. Oregon stakeholders have coalesced to undertake case capture, detailed measurement, and programmatic improvement that is the HeartResccue imperative. The effort has involved large population metropolitan centers and rural single-ambulance “systems”. The effort started with grass roots efforts that build on momentum from the Resuscitation Academy initiative which has focused leadership and frontline providers on core programs involving the early links in the chain of survival.


Tualitan Valley Fire and Rescue

Oregon Health Sciences University

Jackson County EMS

Oregon Department of Health, Division of EMS and Trauma Systems

Key Strengths

  • Innovative Pilot Programs – Communities in Oregon are piloting a unique approach to emergency response that pairs smart technology with motivated public service professionals. Specifically, Tualitan Valley Fire and Rescue is piloting a program whereby vetted professional responders will be specially trained and AED-equipped to respond as volunteers during off hours using the PulsePoint smartphone technology.
  • Hospital-based Resuscitation Academy – Jackson County, OR has piloted a hospital-centric Resuscitation Academy that focuses education pertinent to resuscitation in the hospital.
  • Statewide outreach program – The State Office has a special outreach program that designates two EMS providers to engage many of the smaller, less-resourced EMS agencies with the latest resuscitation science and training techniques. The training has featured the tenets of high-performance CPR.


Dr. Mo Daya, Medical Director, Tualitan Valley Fire and Rescue

Dr. Paul Rostykus, Medical Director, Jackson County EMS    jenny.shin@kingcounty.gov

Dr. David Lehrfeld, State EMS Medical Director

Candace Hamilton, Deputy Director Oregon State Office of EMS

Jenny Shin, Northwest HeartRescue Coordinator