HeartRescue Partner -Maine


The HeartRescue initiative will build upon Maine’s HeartSafe Communities Program.  The State of Maine has a heterogeneous set of geographies, communities, and emergency response systems that challenge coordinated resources and yet Maine leadership has advanced the “measure and improve” HeartRescue initiative by working collaboratively with New England partner states of Vermont and New Hampshire.  Maine will work regionally with its New England partner states as well as Maryland to provide training opportunities available from the Resuscitation Academy platform.  An area of focus is implementation of high-performance EMS CPR across the state.


State of Maine Department of Public Safety – Emergency Medical Services

Key Strengths

  • Infrastructure for community emergency response:  Maryland has established a HeartSafe Communities Program that has been indorsed by many communities across the State (http://www.mainecardiohealth.org/HeartSafe.html). The Program advocates for EMS best practices.  HeartRescue will enable accelerated efforts that will in fact identify areas of best practices as well as opportunities for improvement.
  • Medical leadership: Dr. Matt Sholl has developed a strong tri-state collaboration with Vermont, New Hampshire, and Vermont as a means to efficiently share best practices and improve emergency care across the New England area.  The 3-state collaboration enables better access to training resources and the ability to implement and evaluate programs on a larger scale.


Dr. Matt Scoll, State EMS Medical Director, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Maine Medical Center.